Movie Journal (1): Kong: Skull Island

Having the opportunity to go to the cinema as many times as you like (for a fixed price) it is every movie lover’s dream. Since January I watched more than 12 movies, movies that I probably would not have seen otherwise. This means two things: I have watched a lot of interesting movies, but at the same time some (very) bad ones. 

Therefore, I would like to keep track with you about them, in a journal of the various films that I would watch at the cinema. I will try to keep it brief and concise, so I will not write 3000 words essays for every of them (both for your patience, and for my pure “lazyness”). 

We will start from a new release: Kong: Skull Island. 

The reason that pushed to go and see this movie was mainly one (in addition to it being  “free”) : Kong was HUGE.  Never like in this movie Kong is a proper gigantic King. However, I soon found out that, there’s nothing else worth watching apart from the gigantic monkey. As a matter of fact, the humans are in the best scenario not interesting. 

Brie Larson and, especially, Tom Hiddelston are incredibly bad characters. The Award winner Larson plays a not very compelling war journalist (and almost saves the day by just smiling), while “Loki” has probably given one of the worst performances of his career. After Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard (Assassin’s creed), here’s yet another example of good actors not caring at all about what they are playing. Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly are way more interesting than the protagonists, which almost raises a question: Could the studios just cut the two big stars out? (Personal Opinion, it would have been a much more entertaining movie). 


Kong and the creatures on the island are quite awesome, therefore, if you are a Pacific Rim fan, and you want to enjoy the fights, I would suggest waiting until you can watch it, skipping the very boring and pointless moments in the middle.  

Kong: Skull Island 5 /10
(do not trust Rotten Tomatoes… 79%)

See you next time, with… Lion 

Comment with a movie you want me to add to my movie journal


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