Oscars 2017: Everyone is happy (but…Lion)

Weirdly for the first time in years no one is disappointed by this year’s Academy Awards: La La Land won best directing (and a lot of other awards), Moonlight best picture (for the joy of all the alternative and film critics in the world), Jimmy Kimmel has been a funny host, and because of the combination of these factors no one really seemed to care about Suicide Squad winning an Oscar (hair and make up…not best picture).

Arrival, Fences, Manchester by the Sea, Hacksaw Ridge, they all won something, however the only movie that appeared not to get any recognition is definitely Lion. No scandal, no racism, but probably it has just been too complicated to fight against two huge movies like La La Land and Moonlight, which combine the best elements of story, visuals and sound.

It is also true that Hell or High Water and Hidden Figures did not win an Award, nevertheless no one was expecting anything more from them, but actually it is already relevant that they have been nominated (No Country for Old Men and The Help are both similar and, in my opinion, better versions…).

Therefore let’s all cheer, waiting and hoping for next year’s movies to be at least as good as these ones. Lion would always have the BAFTAs for screenplay and Dev Patel’s Best Supporting Actor.

In the end, we probably witnessed an historic moment for the Oscars, which disappointed Ryan Gosling and the producers of La La Land, but that made everything more fair: a pleasant compromise.




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