Silent Movies in a contemporary London


Discussing Silent Cinema from Gaetano Ghiura on Vimeo.


Having a blog about silent movies in the XXI century could sound a little odd. However, the journalist Pamela Hutchinson managed to create a very unique blog over the years about a specific type of films: as she says “very, very old ones”. Silent London: A place for people who love silent film has started as a small blog in order to present the various listings about silent movies in London, but with the passing of time it grew and grew, as Pamela says.

She has always been a silent movie lover, therefore, after graduating at Birkbeck College in 2001, she started working as a journalist for different newspapers, and at the same time she started writing about the cinema she loved on her blog.             Pamela Hutchinson now works at the Guardian office in King’s Cross as an editor for the online newspaper, but she is still very interested in her blog.

The Silent Movie community is incredibly big nowadays. There are various different important festivals all over the world and especially in Europe: one of the most important example is definitely  the Pordenone “Le Giornate del Cinema Muto” festival, but also the Hippodrome festival in Scotland and the British Silent Film Festival in London.  Pamela tries to cover them on the blog, going from Toronto to Istanbul, in order to present interesting stories to her readers. In fact as she says:  “no matter how small the country is, everyone could have a small silent film festival”. 

She is still very passionate about silent movies, and this passion could be easily found in her Silent London blog. From the listings, passing from reviews of little silent gems, arriving to the quiz with the emojis, she tries to involve the reader with a very old world, which in her opinion is definitely not that ancient. The old silent stories could be an amazing source of material for new filmmakers. “Imagine to remake Broken Blossoms nowadays, certain part would stay the same, but it would be completely different”, and in fact it would be really interesting as well.

Silence is still very powerful in contemporary film and silent movies are definitely not dead in cinema, therefore Pamela Hutchinson would still be here on her blog to talk about interesting and sometimes unknown stories. A silent movie lover… A silent film paladin.

Broken Blossoms 1919, David Mark Griffith 


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